mid night auto
Posted Saturday, July 9, 2011 10:08 AM

I believe there were five of us: me, Moss, Lerch, Talbott and the fifth i'm not sure of.  Seems one of us knew of a racecar parked in an ally over by Hubard's Lumber Yard.  Well we headed over in my car to relieve the car of some parts.  We parked far away from the car and walk to it.  Lerch was the look out.  I don't think we even got our hands on the car and Lerch came running screaming cops.  I was the slowest of the bunch, but not this night.  We all headed across the tracks and across Alma with the cops hot behind us.  I was in front and ran past Don l Morris Paints and made a right turn in the street that ran in back.  I got to the dumpster and jumped in digging my way to the bottom.  Somone tried to get in with me,  but I told them to get out.  Everyone was caught trying to climb the fence next to Don l Morris.  Not me.  I must of stayed in the dumpster for hours.