Posted Wednesday, July 6, 2011 10:36 AM

I would like to thank JK for all the work he has done on this site. I also can't believe the only story we have seen is about spitballs. So I have a few I would like to share with everyone in hopes others will come out.

This is probably my favorite.

The Ranchero I'm sure many will remember. Remember all the trips to flat top in Los Altos Hills.

The story begins when I got home from Paly on Friday. I new my Dad's new Ranchero ( the first one) was in the garage and dad had left for the weekend to go hunting. Into the garage I went and there it was red and white, big engine, stick and overdrive. Just fifteen miles on it and I was about to change that. Called up my two best buds, Moss and Lerch and said I would be over. From there I think we went to the show then out on El Camino to cruise. First stop was the red light across from Stanford Shopping Center. What pulls up next to us but a 57 Chev. The race was on to the next stop light just before Menlo Park at the top of the hill.

There was a little rain coming down just enough to make the road super slippery. Also remember in those days, no seat belts. Well there we were ready to drag again and off we went. I was beating the hell out of the Chev and we were almost across from Marquards when I don't remember if it was Moss or Lerch who grabbed my leg and said," its about that Chevrolet in front of us." At the time I was busy looking back to see where the car was I just got through beating.

The car stopped in front of me, at an angle making a left turn was a 57 Chev Remember they had that big fin on the back on each side. Also the Ranchero was dumped in the front. I hit that fin right in the center of the Ranchero sending the Chev into the show room floor of the furniture store across from Marquads

Needless to say there would be no more miles on this Ranchero